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Display routing table




Display the routing table


Acquire an IP address via DHCP and display it

  dhcp && route


Display the routing table, including the IP addresses assigned to each network interface. For example, to acquire an IP address via DHCP and then display the resulting routing table:

  iPXE> dhcp && route
  DHCP (net0 52:54:00:12:34:56).. ok
  net0: gw

In this example you can see that the network interface net0 has obtained the IP address, with a subnet mask of and a gateway of

If a network interface is not open, then its route will be marked as (inaccessible). For example:

  iPXE> route
  net0: gw
  net1: gw (inaccessible)

In this example, the network interface net1 has been closed (e.g. using ifclose) and so is marked as (inaccessible).

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You cannot use the route command to modify the routing table. If you wish to modify the routing table manually, you must use the set command to configure the appropriate settings. For example, to open a network interface and configure it with a temporary static IP address:

  ifopen net0
  set net0/ip
  set net0/netmask
  set net0/gateway