iSCSI initiator name setting




Type String
DHCP option number 203
ISC dhcpd syntax option iscsi-initiator-iqn


Set the iSCSI initiator name manually

  iPXE> set initiator-iqn

Set the iSCSI initiator name based on the MAC address

  iPXE> set initiator-iqn${mac:hexhyp}

Configure the iSCSI initiator name in ISC dhcpd

  # in /etc/dhcpd.conf
  option iscsi-initiator-iqn ""


Specifies the iSCSI initiator name used when connecting to an iSCSI target.

If no iSCSI initiator name is explicitly specified, then iPXE will construct a default iSCSI initiator name based upon the hostname (if a hostname exists) or the uuid. For example, if the hostname is set to, then the default iSCSI initiator name will be

and if no hostname is defined, then the default iSCSI initiator will be constructed from the system uuid:

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The iSCSI initiator name is often used within access control lists (ACLs) on iSCSI targets. You may wish to specify an explicit iSCSI initiator name to make your access control lists more manageable.

If you are using ISC dhcpd as your DHCP server, then you may need to add the line

  option iscsi-initiator-iqn code 203 = string;

to the start of your /etc/dhcpd.conf file.

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