Print text to console


  echo [-n] [...]


Print "hello world"

  echo hello world

Print the boot filename

  echo ${filename}

Print the MAC address of interface "net0"

  echo MAC address is ${net0/mac}

Ask the user to supply a filename

  echo -n Enter boot filename:
  read filename
  echo Booting from ${filename}


Print text to the console. As with all iPXE commands, any settings such as ${filename} will be expanded. This allows echo to be used to display the value of iPXE settings. For example, to display the boot filename obtained via DHCP:

  iPXE> dhcp
  DHCP (net0 52:54:00:12:34:56)... ok
  iPXE> echo ${filename}

If the -n option is specified, then the trailing newline will not be printed.

See also

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