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    kernel wimboot index=2     kernel wimboot index=2
 +==== Injected files ====
 +You can provide additional files to ''wimboot''.  These files will appear within the ''X:\Windows\System32'' directory.  For example:
 +    kernel wimboot
 +    initrd winpeshl.ini     winpeshl.ini
 +    initrd startup.bat      startup.bat
 +    initrd boot/bcd         BCD
 +    initrd boot/boot.sdi    boot.sdi
 +    initrd sources/boot.wim boot.wim
 +    boot
 +You can use this to control the boot process after Windows PE has started.  For example, you can use a [[:howto:winpe#adding_a_startup_batch_file|startup batch file]] to automatically start the Windows installer from a network share.
==== Custom boot manager ==== ==== Custom boot manager ====
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