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svenx TFTP is primarily slow due to latency, not virtualization.
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 thing that needs to be modified is the DHCP ''​next-server''​ parameter, thing that needs to be modified is the DHCP ''​next-server''​ parameter,
 which will let ''​wdsnbp.com''​ know which server to communicate with. which will let ''​wdsnbp.com''​ know which server to communicate with.
-Due to how iPXE handles ​[[:​settings#​scopes|configuration setting + 
-scope]], it is important ​that the //​original//​ setting is modifiedIn +Be sure to [[:​settings#​pxe_nbps|set DHCP options]] so that they are 
-other wordsmodify ​''​netX.dhcp/next-server'' ​(or use an explicit +made available to the PXE NBPFor examplethe ''​next-server''​ 
-interface number: ​''​net0.dhcp/​next-server''​), not simply the +parameter can be set via ''​netX/​next-server''​.
-''​next-server''​ or ''​netX.net-server''​ values.+
 Example iPXE commands to chainload ''​wdsnbp.com'':​ Example iPXE commands to chainload ''​wdsnbp.com'':​
-    set netX.dhcp/​next-server ip.of.wds.server +    set netX/​next-server ip.of.wds.server 
-    imgexec tftp://​${netX.dhcp/​next-server}/​boot/​x86/​wdsnbp.com+    imgexec tftp://​${netX/​next-server}/​boot/​x86/​wdsnbp.com
 ===== The WDS boot process ===== ===== The WDS boot process =====
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