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 You can sign the ''​submission.cab''​ file using You can sign the ''​submission.cab''​ file using
-    osslsigncode -pkcs11engine /​usr/​lib64/​openssl/​engines/​engine_pkcs11.so \+    osslsigncode -pkcs11engine /​usr/​lib64/​openssl/​engines/​pkcs11.so \
                  ​-pkcs11module /​usr/​lib64/​libeToken.so -certs codesigning.crt \                  ​-pkcs11module /​usr/​lib64/​libeToken.so -certs codesigning.crt \
                  -h sha256 -askpass -t http://​timestamp.digicert.com \                  -h sha256 -askpass -t http://​timestamp.digicert.com \
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