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 +====== Named configurations ======
 +Named configurations can be specified via the ''​CONFIG=...''​ build
 +For headers in ''​config/​*.h''​ which support named configurations,​ the following files are included when building with ''​CONFIG=**<​name>​**'':​
 +  * ''​config/​defaults/<​platform>​.h''​ (e.g. ''​config/​defaults/​pcbios.h''​)
 +  * ''​config/<​header>​.h''​
 +  * ''​config/​**<​name>​**/<​header>​.h''​ (only if the directory ''​config/​**<​name>​**''​ exists)
 +  * ''​config/​local/<​header>​.h''​ (autocreated if necessary)
 +  * ''​config/​local/​**<​name>​**/<​header>​.h''​ (autocreated if necessary)
 +This mechanism allows for predefined named configurations to be checked in to the source tree, as a directory ''​config/​**<​name>​**''​ containing all of the required header files.
 +The mechanism also allows for users to define multiple local configurations,​ by creating header files in the directory ''​config/​local/​**<​name>​**''​.
 +Note that the ''​config/​*.h''​ files which are used only to configure internal iPXE APIs (e.g. ''​config/​ioapi.h''​) cannot be modified via a named configuration. ​ This avoids rebuilding the entire iPXE codebase whenever switching to a different named configuration.
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