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-Using a self-signed certificate,​ the following build command resulted in a iPXE binary that would yield this "​0216eb.."​ error. 
-  make bin/​ipxe.lkrn EMBED=../​syslinux.ipxe CERT=../​certs/​selfsigned-cert.pem TRUST=../​certs/​selfsigned-cert.pem 
-Adding the "​PRIVKEY"​ option did not seem to resolve the error. 
-By trial-and-error,​ I found the following method to work-around the error. 
-  cd ../certs 
-  cat selfsigned-cert.pem selfsigned-key.pem > cert-and-key.pem 
-  cd ../src 
-  make bin/​ipxe.lkrn EMBED=../​syslinux.ipxe CERT=../​certs/​cert-and-key.pem TRUST=../​certs/​cert-and-key.pem 
 Add ''​DEBUG=tls,​x509:​3,​certstore,​privkey''​ to make line for relevant run-time debug info. Add ''​DEBUG=tls,​x509:​3,​certstore,​privkey''​ to make line for relevant run-time debug info.
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