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 +This error indicates that the certificate used to verify a binary with the ''​[[:​cmd:​imgverify]]''​ command is not a code-signing certificate. ​ A certificate used for code-signing must include the codeSigning extended key usage.
 +Things to try:
 +   * Check that your certificate includes the codeSigning extended key usage. ​ For example, to check the certificate ''​codesign.crt'':<​code> ​ $ openssl x509 -in codesign.crt -noout -text
 +  ...
 +     ​X509v3 extensions:
 +          X509v3 Key Usage:
 +              Digital Signature
 +          X509v3 Extended Key Usage:
 +              Code Signing
 +  ...</​code>​
 +  * Generate a new code-signing certificate including the codeSigning extended key usage. ​ If you are using [[http://​www.openssl.org/​|OpenSSL]] to generate the certificate,​ then you need to include the following [[http://​www.openssl.org/​docs/​apps/​x509v3_config.html|extensions]]:<​code> ​ keyUsage=digitalSignature
 +  extendedKeyUsage=codeSigning</​code>​
 +A certificate used for code-signing must also include the digitalSignature key usage.
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