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 +This error indicates that you have attempted to attach more than one SAN device using the same drive number.
 +If you are attempting to use the ''​[[:​cmd:​sanboot]]''​ or ''​[[:​cmd:​sanhook]]''​ commands to attach multiple different SAN drives, then you will need to specify explicit drive numbers. ​ For example:
 +    sanhook --drive 0x80 iscsi:​​iqn.2010-04.org.ipxe.chipmunk:​boot
 +    sanhook --drive 0x81 iscsi:​​iqn.2010-04.org.ipxe.chipmunk:​data
 +    sanboot --drive 0x80
 +If you are attempting to use the ''​[[:​cmd:​sanboot]]''​ or ''​[[:​cmd:​sanhook]]''​ commands to attach a multipath SAN drive, then you will need to specify the full list of SAN URIs in a single command. ​ For example:
 +    sanboot iscsi:​​iqn.2010-04.org.ipxe.chipmunk:​boot \
 +            iscsi:​​iqn.2010-04.org.ipxe.chipmunk:​boot
 +If you are attempting to replace an existing SAN drive then you must first use the ''​[[:​cmd:​sanunhook]]''​ command to disconnect the existing SAN drive.
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