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 +This error indicates that you are attempting to use an invalid combination of initiator and target credentials for iSCSI authentication.
 +You can view the set of credentials that iPXE is using with the ''​show''​ command:
 +    iPXE> show username
 +    username:​string = mcb30
 +    iPXE> show password:​hex
 +    password:​hex = 64:​72:​65:​61:​6d:​20:​6f:​6e
 +    ​
 +    iPXE> show reverse-username
 +    Could not find "​reverse-username"​
 +    iPXE> show reverse-password:​hex
 +    Could not find "​reverse-password"​
 +Things to try:
 +  * If you are using initiator (forward) authentication,​ check that you have specified both ''​username''​ and ''​password''​.
 +  * If you are using target (mutual) authentication,​ check that you have specified all four of ''​username'',​ ''​password'',​ ''​reverse-username'',​ and ''​reverse-password''​.
 +Note that you cannot use target authentication without also providing credentials for initiator authentication,​ since this is not permitted by the iSCSI protocol.
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