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 +This error usually indicates an ARP cache miss. It is generally harmless and can be ignored.
 +=== UDP protocols (syslog etc) ===
 +When an ARP cache miss occurs, iPXE drops the transmitted packet and relies on higher-layer protocols to perform any necessary retransmission. ​ Some higher-layer protocols have no retransmission mechanism, in which case the data will never be retransmitted.
 +For example, the ''​syslog''​ protocol will not retransmit data.  You may therefore lose any log messages sent immediately after configuring a [[:​cfg:​syslog|syslog server]]. ​ One workaround for this problem is to insert a brief delay to allow ARP resolution to complete:
 +    #!ipxe
 +    ​
 +    # Configure syslog server via DHCP
 +    dhcp
 +    # Send a dummy message to trigger ARP resolution
 +    echo Waiting for log server ${syslog} to resolve...
 +    # Allow time for ARP to complete
 +    sleep 1
 +    echo This message should be successfully sent to the syslog server
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