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-This error indicates that the network link is down. The network driver does not provide any further details. 
-It is normal for some network cards to take a few seconds to establish the link.  You may therefore see messages such as: 
-    net0: 52:​54:​00:​12:​34:​56 using rtl8139 on PCI00:03.0 (open) 
-      [Link:down, TX:0 TXE:0 RX:0 RXE:0] 
-      [Link status: Down (http://​ipxe.org/​38086101)] 
-    Waiting for link-up on net0... ok 
-These messages are not a cause for concern; this is expected behaviour for these network cards. 
-However, if you see a message such as 
-    Waiting for link-up on net0... failed: Down (http://​ipxe.org/​38086101) 
-then you should check that the cable is plugged in, and that any link lights are on. 
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