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-wh0cd948524 <a href=http://​trazodoneonline.pro/>trazodone</​a<a href=http://​buy-zoloft.work/>​zoloft</​a>​ <a href=http://​buytetracycline.reisen/>​where to buy tetracycline online</​a>​ <a href=http://​buy-colchicine.shop/>​colchicine</a<a href=http://​ventolin.mba/>​ventolin</​a> <a href=http://​buy-vermox.reisen/>​generic vermox</​a> ​+This error indicates that the DNS name you are trying to resolve does not exist. 
 +Things to try: 
 +  * Check that the hostname portion of the URL you are using is correct. 
 +  * Check that iPXE is using the correct DNS server. ​ You can view the DNS server used by iPXE using the command ''​show dns'':<​code iPXEshow dns 
 +  net0.dhcp/dns:ipv4 =</code> 
 +  * Check that your DNS server is prepared to handle recursive queries. 
 +  * Check that your DNS server is responding via UDP.  iPXE will not retry via TCP if response is too big.
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