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 +==== IBM 39Y6070 ====
 +The IBM 39Y6070 is a NIC with a BCM5708C chip.
 +The picture below includes two headers I soldered in.
 +In the top-left corner of the NIC (J334), we can access the Debug UART as shown here (again note that it doesn'​t come with this header):
 +I used a TTL to RS232 cable ([[http://​www.superdroidrobots.com/​shop/​item.aspx?​itemid=337|here]]). The settings are 192008N1, the prompt is ">"​ (see [[gsoc/​bnx2#​References|[1]]] for more info).
 +There are 3 documented commands:
 +^ Syntax ​     ^ Example ​      ^ Description ​         ^
 +| r<​addr> ​   | r145000 ​    | Read a 32-bit register value from address <​addr> ​       |
 +| d<​addr> ​   | d145000 ​    | Dump 256 32-bit registers, starting at <​addr>​ |
 +| w<​addr>​ <​data> ​   | w145000 ff     | Write <​data>​ to the 32-bit register at <​addr>​ |
 +The best source for the register addresses is bnx2.h from the bnx2 linux driver, available ​
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