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Project administration

Mailing lists


Member-only posting

To reduce spam, the ipxe-devel mailing list is configured to hold mails sent by non-members for moderator approval.

The iPXE policy for moderator approvals is straightforward:

  • Any obvious spam message should be discarded, with no further action taken. The sender should not be added to the auto-discard list.
  • All other messages should be accepted. The sender should be added to the auto-accept list.

The goal is to eliminate all spam via the list, while minimising the burden of moderation.

github integration

A github user ipxe-devel is configured to receive github notifications at the address, in order that github pull requests end up being forwarded to the ipxe-devel mailing list. The list is configured to automatically accept mails with a sender address matching ^[^@]+@reply\.github\.com$, to avoid the need for every github-originated message to be manually moderated.

Commit log messages

The iPXE policy for commit log messages is:

  • Messages start with a header line comprising a [subject] tag and a brief description of the change
    • The [subject] tag represents the driver or subsystem being modified. In most cases, this can be deduced by looking at git log for the file(s) being modified by this patch.
    • The brief description should be written in the imperative mood (e.g. “Add PCI device IDs for Intel I218-LM” rather than “Added PCI device IDs for…” or “Adds PCI device IDs for”), and should have no terminating punctuation.
  • Trivial patches or patches which simply add a new feature may have an empty log message body.
  • Non-trivial bugfix patches should have a log message explaining the problem and the chosen solution.
  • All commits must include a Signed-off-by: line
  • Credit should be given to all participants in the work leading to the patch, including bug reporters (Reported-by:), testers (Tested-by:), original authors of a completely reimplemented patch (Originally-implemented-by:) etc. Since many contributions come via IRC, the (private) nickmap page can be used to look up full names and e-mail addresses suitable for inclusion in the commit log.
  • Patches which have been modified from the code as originally submitted should include a Modified-by: line at the stage at which the modification took place.
  • Patches which fix a regression should refer to the commit which introduced the regression, using both the commit ID and the header line. For example: Commit 8ab4b00 (“[libc] Rewrite setjmp() and longjmp()”)
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