MAC address setting




Type Byte sequence
DHCP option number not applicable
ISC dhcpd syntax hardware ethernet


Display the MAC address of interface "net0"

  iPXE> show net0/mac
  net0/mac:hex = 52:54:00:12:34:56

Pass the MAC address to a server-side boot script

  iPXE> chain${net0/mac}

Set a user-defined MAC address for interface "net0"

  iPXE> ifclose net0
  iPXE> set net0/mac 02:00:69:50:58:45
  iPXE> ifopen net0

Restore the original MAC address for interface "net0"

  iPXE> clear net0/mac

Configure a DHCP reservation in ISC dhcpd

  # in /etc/dhcpd.conf
  host example1 {
      hardware ethernet 52:54:00:12:34:56;


Specifies the MAC address used to identify the network device in all transmitted and received packets.

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You should not normally need to change the MAC address.

You should change the MAC address only while the interface is closed. You can close and re-open the interface using the ifclose and ifopen commands.

Not all iPXE network card drivers support setting a user-defined MAC address. On unsupported cards you may see unexpected behaviour, such as a failure to receive packets destined for the user-defined MAC address.

You can obtain the MAC address using a hyphen (“-”) instead of a colon (“:”) as a separator by using the hexhyp settings type. For example:

 iPXE> echo ${net0/mac:hexhyp}
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