Test for equality


  iseq <value1> <value2>


Prompt user to confirm IP configuration

  echo IP configuration:
  echo -n Is this correct? (y/n) ${} && read answer
  iseq ${answer} Y && goto is_correct ||
  iseq ${answer} y && goto is_correct ||
  goto retry


Test equality of the two specified values, at least one of which will normally be a configuration setting. Equality is indicated via the command status; the conditional operators && and || can be used to decide what action to take as a result.

Command status

Success The values are equal
Failure The values are not equal

See also


You should always consider what will happen if the values are not equal. For example:

  iseq ${answer} Y && goto is_correct

If ${answer} is not equal to Y then the iseq command will fail and the script will terminate, as described in the scripting guide. To avoid this problem, you can use the || operator:

  iseq ${answer} Y && goto is_correct ||
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