Add form parameter


  param [--params <params>] <key> <value>


Issue an HTTP POST request

  param mac ${net0/mac}
  param uuid ${uuid}
  param asset ${asset}


Add a form parameter with the specified key/value pair. If no form parameter list is specified, the default (unnamed) form parameter list will be used.

Command status

Success The form parameter was successfully added
Failure The form parameter was not successfully added

See also

Build options

This command is available only when the build option PARAM_CMD is enabled.


The most common use for form parameter lists is to generate HTTP POST requests. You can generate a POST request by appending ##params to the HTTP URI. For example, to send a complete PCI device listing:

  :pciscan pciscan addr || goto pciscan_done
    param pcidev ${pci/${addr}.0.2}:${pci/${addr}.2.2}
    goto pciscan

You must create the form parameter list using the params command before attempting to create a form parameter using the param command.

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