Check network connectivity


  ping [--size <size>] [--timeout <timeout>] [--count <count>] <host>


Check connectivity to

  iPXE> ping
  64 bytes from seq=1
  64 bytes from seq=2
  64 bytes from seq=3

Check connectivity to default gateway

  ping --count 1 ${netX/gateway} && goto gateway_good || goto gateway_bad


Check network connectivity to the specified host using the specified number of ICMP ECHO (“ping”) packets of the specified payload size, sent every specified timeout interval (in milliseconds).

If no payload size is explicitly specified, then the default size of 64 bytes will be used. If no timeout interval is explicitly specified, then the default timeout interval of one second will be used. If no count is explicitly specified, then an unlimited number of ICMP ECHO packets will be sent.

Command status

Success The host has responded with at least one ICMP ECHO reply packet
Failure Command was cancelled, or a network problem occurred

See also

Build options

This command is available only when the build option PING_CMD is enabled.

Note that if no --count option is specified then the ping command will terminate only when it is cancelled by the user (e.g. by pressing Ctrl-C).

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