Display profiling statistics




Display profiling statistics



Display profiling statistics. The output will show the mean, standard deviation, and instance counter for each enabled profiler. For example:

  iPXE> profstat
  intel.vm_poll: 22775 +/- 59514 ticks (16275 samples)
  intel.vm_refill: 28313 +/- 14967 ticks (5800 samples)
  intel.vm_tx: 72724 +/- 55215 ticks (23181 samples)
  net.tx: 73221 +/- 55247 ticks (23181 samples)
  net.rx: 88603 +/- 57188 ticks (23180 samples)
  net.poll: 34474 +/- 64185 ticks (16274 samples)
  ipv4.rx: 88161 +/- 57176 ticks (23179 samples)
  ipv4.tx: 74363 +/- 55285 ticks (23179 samples)

Profiling is enabled for any objects built with debugging enabled.

See also

Build options

This command is available only when the build option PROFSTAT_CMD is enabled.


You can enable profiling for an object without simultaneously enabling debug messages by using a debug level of zero. For example:

  make DEBUG=netdevice:0,ipv4:0
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