Create VLAN


  vcreate --tag <tag> [--priority <priority>] <trunk interface>


Create VLAN 123 on interface "net0"

  vcreate --tag 123 net0

Boot from VLAN 123 on interface "net0"

  vcreate --tag 123 net0
  autoboot net0-123


Create a VLAN network interface on an existing trunk network interface. The new network interface will be named by appending a hyphen and the VLAN tag value to the trunk network interface name. For example, if you execute

  vcreate --tag 123 net0

then this will create a VLAN network interface named net0-123.

You may optionally specify a default priority for outbound packets using the --priority option. If this option is omitted, it will default to zero.

Command status

Success The VLAN interface was successfully created
Failure The VLAN interface could not be created

See also

Build options

This command is available only when the build option VLAN_CMD is enabled.


Valid VLAN tag values are in the range 0 to 4094 inclusive. iPXE does not prevent you from creating a VLAN with tag 0 or tag 1, though some network switches may treat these VLAN tags as reserved.

You can use vcreate to redefine an existing VLAN interface. For example, you could create a VLAN interface with the default priority value of zero using

  vcreate --tag 123 net0

and then modify the priority using

  vcreate --tag 123 --priority 2 net0

Not all network link layers support VLANs. iPXE will refuse to create a VLAN network interface unless the trunk network interface uses Ethernet-style six-byte MAC addresses.

You cannot create nested VLAN interfaces.

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