An error

Error: Resource temporarily unavailable

(Error code 060160)

Possible sources

This error no longer exists in the iPXE source code. You should try using the latest version of iPXE.

General advice

  • Try using the latest version of iPXE. Your problem may have already been fixed.
  • You can contact the iPXE developers and other iPXE users.

Additional notes

(Please edit this page to include any of your own useful hints and tips for fixing this error.)

This error indicates a temporary failure to transmit an IPv4 packet because no destination MAC address was available at the time of transmission.

The transmission will be deferred until ARP resolution is complete, at which point the packet will be automatically retransmitted. These errors occur during normal operation, and are not a cause for concern unless they are repeated many times.

Things to try (only if the errors are repeated many times):

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