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 {{ :​screenshots:​sanbootconf.png?​320x240 |WinXP iSCSI Boot}} {{ :​screenshots:​sanbootconf.png?​320x240 |WinXP iSCSI Boot}}
-A diskless Windows XP workstation is booting from an iSCSI target.+A diskless Windows XP workstation is booting from an iSCSI target.  The TCP/IP and iSCSI configuration is displayed on the Windows XP splash screen. 
 +===== Interactive configuration tool ===== 
 +{{ :​screenshots:​config_ui.png?​360x200 |iPXE configuration tool}} 
 +iPXE contains an interactive [[:​cmd:​config|configuration tool]] that can be used to view and change iPXE [[:​settings]]. ​ Settings can also be provided by a DHCP server, or via commands in an iPXE [[:​scripting|script]]. ​ Some network cards allow settings to be stored semi-permanently in non-volatile storage on the card itself.
 ===== Error messages ===== ===== Error messages =====
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