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A selection of quotes taken from the mailing list, #ipxe IRC channel, and iPXE discussion forum. Please feel free to add to this page!


<Sedorox> also.. holy crap, I've never seen a computer netboot that
          quick before

(in response to some recent TCP/IP tweaks)


From: Andrew Bobulsky
I have to ask... are you an alien with magical powers?

(posted to the mailing list upon discovering the newly rewritten Realtek driver)


<mcb30> At the point you're talking about, the system is not fully
        initialised.  On many systems, the memory map is not yet valid.
        If running normal BIOS-level code is marked with "Here be dragons",
        running during POST is marked with "Here be huge, ugly, vindictive,
        sociopathic dragons with a mean sense of humour"

(during a GSoC 2009 progress meeting, discussing ideas for handling large ROM images)

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