iSCSI targets known to work with iPXE

Many iSCSI target products are based upon one of these technologies, so your target may be supported even if it is not listed here. provides some scripts to ease the task of setting up a COMSTAR target.


This target works fine, but by default sends NOP-In messages that iPXE can't handle. This should not cause any issues, but has been known to cause trouble with grub2. If you encounter this, try disabling the NOP pings by setting the nopin_timeout node attribute to zero:

  lio_node --setnodeattr <TARGET_IQN> <TPGT> <INITIATOR_IQN> nopin_timeout 0

Microsoft iSCSI Software Target

You must explicitly authorise each iSCSI initiator to access each target. Go to Start โ†’ Administrative Tools โ†’ Microsoft iSCSI Software Target and open up the list of iSCSI Targets. Right-click on the relevant target and choose Properties. On the iSCSI Initiators tab, click Add to authorise a new initiator. You can specify an initiator by IQN, DNS Domain Name, IP Address, or MAC Address:

Adding a new initiator in Microsoft iSCSI Software Target

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