Chip type setting




Type String
DHCP option number not applicable
ISC dhcpd syntax not applicable


Display the chip type of interface "net0"

  iPXE> show net0/chip
  net0/chip:string = rtl8139


Describes the chip type of the network device.

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The chip type is also displayed as part of the output from the ifstat command.

The chip type is a descriptive name used internally by iPXE drivers, and should not be relied upon to remain stable between iPXE releases. You should use it only to display information to a user. For a more stable description which could be used systematically (e.g. to determine kernel modules corresponding to a network interface), you should use the busid setting, or extract information directly from PCI configuration space. For example:

echo Downloading kernel module for ${net0/chip}...
set vendor_id ${pci/${net0/busloc}.0.2}
set device_id ${pci/${net0/busloc}.2.2}
initrd http://my.web.server/kmod.php?v=${vendor_id}&d=${device_id} /lib/modules/${chip}.ko
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