String setting type




Display the boot filename

  iPXE> show filename
  net0.dhcp/filename:string =

Display DHCP option 40

  iPXE> show 40:string  # Option 40 - NIS domain name
  net0.dhcp/40:string =

Set the SAN root path

  iPXE> set root-path


Represents a type of setting that is a string.

See also


A string setting can contain spaces and other “special” characters that can cause problems during URI parsing. You can avoid these potential problems by requesting expansion as a uristring setting. For example, if you want to pass the SMBIOS product name to a boot script running on a web server, you could use


This will ensure that any “special” characters are URI-encoded as necessary. For example, if the SMBIOS product name is “PowerEdge R210”, then the above command will expand to

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