Cross-signed certificate source




Type String
DHCP option number 175.93
ISC dhcpd syntax option ipxe.crosscert


Set the cross-signed certificate source manually

  iPXE> set crosscert

Configure the cross-signed certificate source in ISC dhcpd

  # in /etc/dhcpd.conf
  option space ipxe;
  option ipxe-encap-opts code 175 = encapsulate ipxe;
  option ipxe.crosscert code 93 = string;
  option ipxe.crosscert "";


Specifies the source URI for cross-signed CA certificates.

If no URI is explicitly specified, then the default URI will be used.

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By default, iPXE contains only a single trusted root certificate (the “iPXE root CA” certificate). In order to use a standard SSL certificate issued by a public CA (such as Verisign), iPXE must be able to download a cross-signed certificate to complete the chain of trust up to the “iPXE root CA” certificate. These cross-signed certificates are downloaded automatically when needed.

The current policy of is to provide cross-signed certificates for almost all CAs that are trusted by the Firefox web browser. Certificates remain valid for 90 days. Cross-signed certificates are not provided for the following CAs:

  • China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC)1)

If you are booting using HTTPS on a private network with no access to then you may wish to create a local mirror, and use the crosscert setting to direct your clients to download the cross-signed certificates from your local mirror. For example:

  option ipxe.crosscert "";

If you are using a local mirror, then you will also need to provide an OCSP proxy service.

There is no need to use HTTPS to download the cross-signed certificates. The cross-signed certificates are not automatically trusted simply because they have been downloaded from the server specified by the crosscert setting; they are trusted only because they have been signed by the “iPXE root CA” certificate.

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