Add menu item


  item [--menu <menu>] [--key <key>] [--default] [<label>|--gap [<text>]]


Create and display a simple menu

  menu Please choose an operating system to boot
  item fedora   Fedora Linux
  item win7     Windows 7
  choose os

Add a menu item with a shortcut key

  item --key f fedora   Fedora Linux

Add a dynamic menu item

  item san      Boot from ${root-path}

Add a menu separator

  item --gap Operating systems:

Add a blank menu separator



Add a menu item with the specified label and display text. If no menu is specified, the default (unnamed) menu will be used. If a key is specified, it will be used as the shortcut key for the menu item. If the --default option is specified, the menu item will become the default selection. If no label is provided or if the --gap option is specified, the menu item will function as a menu separator (which cannot be selected by the user).

The label will not be displayed. It will be used by the choose command to indicate the selection made by the user.

The shortcut key can be specified as a character literal (such as f) or as an extended ASCII character value. The values for special keys such as Ctrl-B and F12 are defined in include/ipxe/keys.h within the iPXE source code. Some useful values are:

Key Keycode
Ctrl-A 0x01
Ctrl-B 0x02
Ctrl-C 0x03
Ctrl-Z 0x1a
F5 0x107e
F6 0x127e
F7 0x137e
F8 0x147e
F9 0x157e
F10 0x167e
F11 0x187e
F12 0x197e

Command status

Success The menu item was successfully added
Failure The menu item was not successfully added

See also


The display text will be truncated if necessary to fit within the available width.

Shortcut keys are not automatically displayed. You may wish to include an indication of the shortcut key within the display text. For example:

  item --key f   fedora   Boot (F)edora
  item --key x   winxp    Boot Windows (X)P

You can specify a menu's default item either by using the --default option when creating the menu item with the item command, or by using the --default <label> option when displaying the menu with the choose command.

If you want your menu separator text to start with dashes, then you must use -- to prevent iPXE from attempting to interpret your separator text as an option. For example:

  item --gap -- ---------------- Advanced configuration ----------------
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