An error

Error: Invalid argument

(Error code 1c25e0)

Possible sources

This error originated from one of the following locations within the iPXE source code:

General advice

  • Try using the latest version of iPXE. Your problem may have already been fixed.
  • Try building iPXE with the debug option DEBUG=drbg
  • You can contact the iPXE developers and other iPXE users.
  • Refresh this page after 24 hours. This page is actively monitored, and further information may be added soon.

Additional notes

(Please edit this page to include any of your own useful hints and tips for fixing this error.)

This error indicates that the cryptographic random bit generator could not be initialised. This usually indicates that there is no good source of entropy available.

Some versions of the VMware hypervisor provide a “side channel mitigations” feature which unfortunately breaks the entropy source used by iPXE. You can disable side channel mitigations using the Advanced Settings for the virtual machine. See for more details, including the security implications of disabling side channel mitigations.

There is a known bug in the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor (as used for Microsoft Azure virtual machines), in which the emulated CMOS RTC hardware seems to be incapable of generating an interrupt. This breaks the entropy generation mechanism used by iPXE, and will result in this error. There are some indications that this problem affects only AMD hardware, though this has not been proved conclusively. If you are using Microsoft Azure, then you may be able to work around the problem by using a larger instance (which is more likely to use an Intel CPU).

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