An error

Error: No such device

(Error code 2c0480)

Possible sources

This error originated from one of the following locations within the iPXE source code:

General advice

  • Try using the latest version of iPXE. Your problem may have already been fixed.
  • Try building iPXE with the debug option DEBUG=efi_image
  • You can contact the iPXE developers and other iPXE users.
  • Refresh this page after 24 hours. This page is actively monitored, and further information may be added soon.

Additional notes

(Please edit this page to include any of your own useful hints and tips for fixing this error.)

Make sure you have a open and working network interface when running boot

Even if you are trying to load files from disk only via file:/ you still have to have an open network interface for iPXE to bind to.

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