Settings reference

Interactive configuration tool

The following settings are used by iPXE. Settings may be displayed and modified using the interactive configuration tool, or using the show and set commands.

Network device settings
mac (hex) MAC address
bustype (string) Bus type
busloc (uint32) Bus location
busid (hex) Bus ID
chip (string) Chip type
ssid (string) Wireless SSID
active-scan (int8) Actively scan for wireless orks
key (string) Wireless encryption key
IPv4 settings
ip (ipv4) IP address
netmask (ipv4) Subnet mask
gateway (ipv4) Default gateway
dns (ipv4) DNS server
domain (string) DNS domain
Boot settings
filename (string) Boot filename
next-server (ipv4) TFTP server
root-path (string) SAN root path
san-filename (string) SAN filename
initiator-iqn (string) iSCSI initiator name
keep-san (int8) Preserve SAN connection
skip-san-boot (int8) Do not boot from SAN device
Host settings
hostname (string) Host name
uuid (uuid) UUID
user-class (string) DHCP user class
manufacturer (string) Manufacturer
product (string) Product name
serial (string) Serial number
asset (string) Asset tag
Authentication settings
username (string) User name
password (string) Password
reverse-username (string) Reverse user name
reverse-password (string) Reverse password
Cryptography settings
crosscert (string) Cross-signed certificate source
trust (hex) Trusted root certificate fingerprints
cert (hex) Client certificate
privkey (hex) Client private key
Miscellaneous settings
buildarch (string) Build architecture
cpumodel (string) CPU model
cpuvendor (string) CPU vendor
cwduri (string) Current working directory URI
cwuri (string) Current working URI
dhcp-server (ipv4) DHCP server
keymap (string) Keyboard layout
memsize (int32) Memory size
platform (string) Firmware platform
priority (int8) Settings priority
scriptlet (string) Boot scriptlet
syslog (ipv4) Syslog server
syslogs (string) Encrypted syslog server
sysmac (hex) System MAC address
unixtime (uint32) Seconds since the Epoch
use-cached (uint8) Use cached settings
version (string) iPXE version
vram (base64) Video RAM contents
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